'Fake Astronaut' Sweatshirt

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'Fake it until you make it!' They say.

Well, this sweatshirt is just perfect for couples who want to show off their unprecedented style and fandom for NASA. Or SpaceX, even.

Wanna play being make-believe astronauts with your partner, too?

And wanna get really dashing on your Valentine's date?

Then own all of the space by wearing this 'Fake Astronaut' Sweatshirt. Together.

Dare to be different. Dare to be that unique couple.

Get your pair now.

Product Details

  • Digital Letter Pattern to get that fantastic design clear and defined
  • Detailed Craftmanship that never goes out of style
  • Premium Cotton and Polyester for a durable and long-lasting streetwear
  • O-Neck collar design gives you supreme comfort

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