Brute Impact Promo: "Ayy Macarena" TikTok Challenge

Update: We already closed this challenge! No worries, though. We're launching promos like this from time to time.

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How to Join This "Ayy Macarena" TikTok Challenge

You may join this Brute Impact video challenge by following these four simple steps!

  1. Follow our TikTok account: @bruteimpactfashion
  2. Create and post your own video in your own TikTok channel including the hashtags ‘#bruteimpactfashion’ ‘#bruteimpact’ in the caption. Make sure your TikTok video, as well as your account is set to Public.
  3. Share your #MacarenaTygaChallenge video to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and tag at least 5 of your friends to gain more Likes, Views and Shares.
  4. Lastly, copy the link of your #MacarenaTygaChallenge video from your TikTok App and send it to us to verify your entry.


Guidelines You Shouldn't Miss:
  • Your video must have an introduction with our name @bruteimpactfashion for about 3 seconds long.
  • Your video must run for a total of 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtags #bruteimpactfashion and #bruteimpact


Winning Choices & Prizes:

We will choose 3 winners on January 01, 2020. We'll announce them in all our social media accounts.

  • The most number of views will receive $200 worth of Brute Impact products.
  • The most number of shares will receive $100 worth of brand products.
  • The most number of likes will receive $100 worth of brand products.


What are you waiting for?

Show us your best #MacarenaTygaChallenge !!!



We don't own the music and the video no copyright infringement intended.