How To Be A Brute Impact Ambassador and Earn Online

Imagine being stylish while earning money. Now that’s a really sweet deal, right?

If that’s been your dream all this time, why don't you try to be a Brute Impact ambassador?

People may think that being an online brand ambassador is a lot of work. But with us, your hard work will certainly have you  recognized  and  paid  for what it’s worth.

Wanna know how to get started?

Read on.

Ours Is One of the Best Brand Ambassador Programs Out There

brute impact ambassador featured photo 
We’d feature you. That’s a promise. And we’ve already been fulfilling it for our roster of currently active ambassadors.


1. How To Get Started As A Brute Impact Ambassador

Becoming a Brute Impact Ambassador is quite easy. If you wish to do it now, you can quickly proceed to our  sign up page.

But first, how does it look?

How does the Brute Impact Ambassadorship program work?

It’s super easy and fun.

  • Basically, you would purchase an item from us at an exclusive discount.
  • And then, you would post photo of you wearing that item.
  • Tag us, and you will surely be featured on our very own page.

Now, what’s next?

You have to advertise to your followers.

Get them hyped up about what you have in store for them. In this case, that’d be your very own discount code! (We’ll talk more about this below.)

Pro Tip: Before any of your clothing arsenals arrive in the mail, you could even post a teaser for what’s coming up.

And then when your fashion item arrives, your followers would have already been waiting for you. Plus your featured item. And your unique ambassador code.

Note: This is the code that gives you the key to earning commissions!

When will an ambassador receive their commission? 

If you’re a Brute Impact Ambassador, you’ll receive your commission 5 weeks from the order of your follower.

This is to make sure that the order has been processed successfully. And of course, that there were no refunds.

brute impact ambassador couple

Stylish and rich. You can own fashionwear similar to these when you become a Brute Impact ambassador.


2. Fulfill Your Brand Ambassador Contract

After you have spoken with a rep from our Instagram account, you will soon know the requisites and responsibilities of a Brute Impact ambassador.

For instance, you’ll be required to post on your own Instagram page.

How often do I need to post?

Daily or once a week, it's all up to you!

Just make sure you post on your Instagram stories and your Instagram feed.

Pro Tip: Change your profile photo! Wear any Brute Impact clothing, take a snap of yourself, and make that your new profile picture.

brute impact ambassador girl

Work it, girl!


3. Find Brand Ambassadors Like You and Get Inspired

We have around 6700 ambassadors as of this writing. Our ambassador family is growing quite well!

The best part? You could join the list!

Note: We have one of the best ambassador programs out there. Our ambassadors love being featured on our very own  Instagram page. Check them out for yourself!

Click here to find inspiration from our active ambassadors.

We want you to be an ambassador, too! 

Here at Brute Impact, we do it differently.

We grow a movement, we build a tribe.

brute impact ambassador inked

This is  @inked_sam  wearing our  Determined  t-shirt.

4. Feature Your Code and Earn With Us

Tell your followers about your code, so you can earn 30% worth of commissions every time somebody uses it in our store.

Some brands actually charge for their ambassador programs. But, if we get to handpick you (when you apply  here), you can earn a lot by simply posting the clothes for us.

Flaunt that code well.

Pro Tip: Promote your photo on Instagram stories as well.

You can edit the photo and add a bright and catchy graphic that shows your code.

Then give your followers a call to action. Tell them something good about the clothes that you are wearing.

Finally, tag  in your photo and use the hashtag, #bruteimpact too.

It’ll be that easy!

brute impact ambassador code2
 brute impact ambassador code
Make sure they use your code, so you can "ka-ching" the numbers in!


5. Grow Your Instagram Following With Our Brand

Win-win, right? You wear our brand, and then our brand helps you gain those precious followers!

Get a lot of followers by just posting your photos!

With Brute Impact, we help you become a successful influencer.

Be the impact. And then you will feel the impact.

brute impact ambassador joggers

Stylishly influential!


6. Join Our Contests and Win Promos

Aside from having one of the best ambassador programs out there, Brute Impact also gives back to our ambassadors with our fun promos.

Be Our Brand Ambassador Today and Get a Chance to Win a Trip to Ibiza!

We are not kidding!

Slide us a DM on our  Instagram account for more details.

brute impact ambassador hollaback

Classy, fashionable, and will have a chance to win a trip to Ibiza! That's you if you join our tribe. 


7. Some of Brute Impact’s Best Ambassadors

I don't need to explain, but here are some of our best brand ambassadors.

brute impact ambassador 1


brute impact ambassador 2


brute impact ambassador 3


Be Our Ambassador Today and Starting Earning Online

We value you and we would want you to be part of our team! We're for the underdogs. The dream chasers. We're for the ones who do it their way.

Want to finally be the influencer you want to be and earn tons of bucks from it?

Then come and join us. Click  here.

brute impact ambassador final



I can't reiterate how much it means to have you as our brand ambassador.  Join us now and win a trip to Ibiza with 4 of your friends! See you then!

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