So, you're an ambassador, now what?

by Gjei Slate


Proud Brute Impact Ambassador


First off, welcome to our Brute Impact team!

We are psyched to have you join us and we can't wait to see how you could rock our gears!


Here’s How to Be the Best Brute Impact Ambassador You Can Be


It’s easy — once you get the hang of it.


So, first and foremost:




There’s no better way to attract people than to tease them.


Now, if you’re still waiting for our gear to arrive, here’s one trick to get your followers excited.


✬ Post a teaser for what’s coming up.

✬ Show off a photo of one of our products on your page with your ambassador code and discount.


Once you receive our goods, it’s time to take it up a notch and let the world know your ambassador code!


⚙ Catch your follower's attention with your awesome photo!




Brute Impact fashion photography


  • Use your camera phone if you don’t have a DSLR or the likes.


      Snap photos of your Brute Impact fashion


      • Take lots of photos. 
        You can take photos in the morning or at night. Why not try taking photos during the golden hours as well? Take photos indoors and outdoors.
        You’ll get the hang of it and notice which setting and lighting gives you a better photo. You could, later on, try out different filters and presets as well.
        • Find your best angle and lighting and make the best of it.


          ⚙ Make your ambassador code stand out!


          • Make sure that your ambassador code is visible and can be easily read.
          • Use appropriate colors and font for your photo.


          ⚙ Let them see you again and again.

          hashtag Brute Impact fashion ambassador


          • Include our #bruteimpact hashtag.
          • Don't forget to tag us in your photo as well!
          • Feel free to promote by using Instagram stories. Save these and use later on since these are only live for the next 24 hours.


            ⚙ Urge your followers to make the purchase.


            • Mention what you find great about the item you're wearing.
            • Provide a call to action in your description.


              ⚙ Repeat.


              • Purchase a new gear. Match it with the first item you bought or try a totally new ensemble.
              • Post one to two photos per day.
              • Interact with your likers and commenters.


                ⚙ Sit back, relax, reel in the commissions.


                And of course, continue being the best Brute Impact Ambassador you could ever be.


                Earn commissions as a Brute Impact fashion ambassador




                Photos by:

                Samantha HurleyMatthew HenryVerne HoNicole De KhorsDan Gold 

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