Need To Lose Weight Fast? Here Are 5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Do you need to lose weight fast? Feel like you’re stuck in a weight-loss plateau?

I know, it's a battle.

And that’s precisely why I’m sharing with you the five most possible reasons why you may not have been losing weight anymore.

Read on and discover the mistakes you’ve been doing all along!

Mistakes to Avoid If You Need to Lose Weight Fast

lose weight fast tips


1. You Forget to Portion Your Food

Did you really think that portion sizes are there for nothing? Well, think about this.

You have a couple of extra teaspoons of peanut butter. And then you add them to your smoothie daily. That's around 120 calories! Multiply that to 7 days, and you have accumulated 840 calories in just one week.

So eventually, those few add-ons add up and make a big difference in the long run.

If you have not been losing weight these past few days, it's probably because of intemperance. Well, I'm really sorry to say that. But it's almost always true.

So here's what you need to do.

  • First, know what you "need" to eat. For instance, one serving of beef is only about 3 ounces. If you have a deck of cards, then it's about that size. On the other hand, one serving of ice cream is just about the size of a tennis ball.
  • Second, take note of these portion sizes. As much as possible, memorize them. Then, you can go "eyeballing" for the perfect size for every meal.

Stick to those portion sizes, and you should see your weight coming down again!

need to lose weight fast common mistakes food portion sizeYour food may be healthy, but you still need to watch your portion sizes!


2. You Indulge in Treats Too Much

You know that we ought to love ourselves, right? But too much of treats isn't loving ourselves anymore.

In fact, you would be harming yourself if you indulge in treats too much.

A brownie after a hard workout is almost ridiculous if you come to think about it. It's almost as if you're purposefully canceling out the effects of that fat-burning cardio routine!

Here's a piece of advice. Never reward yourself with more calories than what you have expended.

If you do, all those extra calories will stack up. An additional 500 calories each day would be 15,000 extra calories each month!

So if you think you've come a long way in getting your workout done, do this: Switch to a fruit. Or choose a smaller portion size for each treat, at least.

Again, think about the numbers.

need to lose weight fast mistakes on sweetsIt’s yummy. But remember not to indulge yourself too much on sweets.


3. You Think You've Been Pretty Active

Do you think you've already been active enough that you now have the license to go on a slump? Think again! You've probably fallen into the trap of compensatory inactivity.

I'll tell you what: You shouldn't fall for the snare!

If you're really serious about losing weight, you won't be too careless to be inactive for the rest of the day. Do you know what you need to do?

Keep your metabolism up and running.

Don't just lie on the couch binge-watching Netflix. Even if you're only at home, make an effort to stay as active as you can.

fat loss tips avoid relaxing too much after workouts
Feeling entitled to binge-watch after a workout session? Think again!


4. You're Not Fueling Yourself Right

Wondering why your appetite keeps getting you into trouble? Then you might want to rethink how you're feeding yourself before working out.

Here's a little secret: Just eat a small snack before you head to the gym. Be sure it's not too heavy and not fatty either. You can shoot for an apple, you know.

Better yet, have some nuts like almonds or cashews. These contain healthy fats that will keep you fueled the right way while you're sweating out.

By following these tips, you'll notice that you won't feel as starved after workouts as when you had nothing to put in your tummy pre-workout.

right food before workout burn fat fast 
Indulge yourself pre-workout — but only with the right kinds of food.


5. You've Ignored Having Proper Recovery

If there's one thing that can severely impact your workout consistency, that is improper recovery.

Think about it. How can you go on with your fat-burning workout if you're too sore from the previous day's series of exercises?

Remember how training for only three to four days weekly and resting for the rest of the week can give you better results than training all week.

Even better, you can alternate your workout days with your rest periods to allow yourself faster recovery. And, avoid working out the same muscle groups repeatedly all week!

need to lose weight have proper recovery
To lose weight properly, you need to have proper recovery. Rest well, and stretch gently after your hardest workout days!


Follow the Above Fat Loss Tips and Burn Fat Fast!

Trying to lose weight isn't the most exciting journey out there. And yet, it surely is rewarding once you've reached your ideal body weight.

Now, in case you feel your workout plan isn't working, just apply the above tips! You'll surely lose weight more effectively.

need to lose weight burn fat fast fat loss tips



Too lazy to workout during the cold season? Just try out the following practical fat-burning exercise tips and shed off pounds in less than 30 days!

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