Staying Healthy In The Cold Season

For many of us who try to keep ourselves healthy, we can never enjoy the winter without resting assured that what we eat will suffice our bodies’ needs.

It’s safe to say that picking our foods for the winter can be tough, especially because there isn’t much fresh produce during the season. Plus, the zero to below-zero temperatures outside sometimes encourages us to stay in our cozy blankets and binge-eat instant and unhealthy foods all day.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case. It doesn’t even have to be a problem at all! Healthy eating for winter is absolutely easy. Here are some of the healthy foods you will need to accompany you in enjoying the winter.


1. Soup 

5 Healthy Foods You Need To Enjoy The Winter soup

In every part of the world, in every tradition, soup is a basic meal that holds families together in the cold seasons. It is, in fact, winter’s perfect food. It even brings back childhood memories for some.

Look for soup recipes online. Include lots of vegetables of different colors to achieve a colorful and more palatable look, and pair it with whole-grain crackers for some grains.


2. Porridge

5 Healthy Foods You Need To Enjoy The Winter porridge

Nothing beats the cold winter breeze like a bowl of porridge. Porridge or oatmeal doesn’t only provide you warmth but also enough nutrients essential for the winter. Examples of these nutrients are fiber (supports heart health) and zinc (for your immune system).


3. Root vegetables

5 Healthy Foods You Need To Enjoy The Winter root vegetables

For some people, winter is synonymous with expensive fresh produce. Though it’s true how most local food can be hard to find on this season, root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, yams, and turnips, are actually quite easy to find. You will surely need them as they are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, among others.

Since it’s the cold season, it’s best to ditch the sugary foods and replace them with boiled or roasted yams. It’s a healthy and delicious alternative to your sugar-loaded ice cream. Stone-roasted yams are even traditional staples for winter in many parts of Asia.


4. Mushrooms

5 Healthy Foods You Need To Enjoy The Winter mushrooms

These edibles of the fungus family contain essential nutrients you will need for your healthy winter recipes. If you choose to skip the meat for your winter dinners, mushrooms are great alternatives because of their meaty texture, plus the natural umami taste.

Another reason why you should include mushrooms in your winter dishes is that it contains a good dose of Vitamin D. This is one of the nutrients your body highly needs during the season due to lower sun exposure.


5. Nuts

5 Healthy Foods You Need To Enjoy The Winter nuts

A good amount of nuts equals a good amount of fat. What’s more, is that it’s “good” fat. Aside from protecting our organs and supporting cell growth, the primary role of the lipids in our body is to provide energy and keep our bodies warm.

With the chilling season around, we need the macronutrient lipids in high amounts. But, for a healthier option, choose nuts.

Even then, good fat isn’t limited to nuts. You can also get it from avocadoes, chia seeds, and dark chocolate, among others.

Indulge While Enjoying The Winter

There are countless healthy winter recipes online where you get to include some of the foods on this list— you only need to look for the right one and try.

Just remember to stay warm and healthy while indulging in nutrient-dense and delicious foods. And they surely will keep you healthy while enjoying the winter season.

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