Shape Your Body With These Winter Workout Tips

Finding it hard to stay active in winter? I know — it’s been my dilemma, too.

But I’m quite thrilled to have discovered a few practical winter workout tips that got me pumped up again.

Want to know my best exercise secrets? Then read on.


1. Go for a Group Workout

The cold weather always does it. It gets you feeling lazy, right? But, in reality, you don’t have to back down from your fitness goals as soon as it starts to snow.

Go and grab yourself a fitness partner or attend group workouts!

Eventually, your workout buddy can become your accountability partner.

Group Workout Benefits

  • Increases your motivation
  • Makes you accountable for others
  • Keeps you learning
  • Enables you to socialize
  • Gives you opportunities to collaborate
winter workout tips group workout

Working out with a group can increase your motivation to stay active in winter.

2. Set Your Thermostat Right

Do you find it a little harder to wake up when the temperature is too low? Then seek help from your thermostat!

Set it up to a cozy atmosphere. It will trigger you to wake up just at the right time.

Also, you may put your workout clothes near the heater. Why? Well, they would feel nice and warm just before you start exercising.

winter workout tips set your thermostat

Set your indoor temperature right to keep yourself from hibernating.

3. Just Head to the Gym

At times, even when your motivation is low, you just have to do the thing anyway.

So, just try dressing up. Then hit the gym. Just go there. Soon, you’ll see a miracle.

Benefits of Hitting the Gym, Anyway

  • Your motivation is triggered by the rest of the gym-goers.
  • You’ll meet your coach.
  • Your gym buddies would remind you of your fitness goals.
  • It’s probably warmer there.

Well, if you still don’t feel like it, at least you had your attendance checked. You can leave. But trust me, it will be more likely for you to stay. And you’ll soon begin warming up!

winter workout ideas just head to the gym

Just show up. Soon, you’ll see yourself on that treadmill.

4. Try Your Winter Workout Ideas on a Lunch Break

It’s probably warmer in your office than outside. So why don’t you do a few stretches during a break?

Some Office Workout Ideas

  • Do it on a lunch break. An afternoon break will also do.
  • Take officemates with you.
  • Walk up to the highest floor of your office building.
  • Walk down to the lowest floor.
  • Walk back to your own office or cubicle.

Plain and simple, right? But man, walking like that does keep you sweating!

winter workout ideas office exercise

Bring some workout clothes with you to your office. Then walk up and down the stairs.


5. Put on Exercise Clothes on Your Way Home

If you’re more comfortable exercising after work, then here are a few great solutions.

Just put on your exercise clothes after you clock out.

Then, head out of the office building with those clothes. Walk or cycle your way back home!

If your home’s too far, you can head out to the nearest park. After you pull off a few reps, you can now commute with all your muscles pumped up.

Meanwhile, here are some workout clothes you’ll need for the cold weather.

Winter Exercise Clothes

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Undershirt
  • Sweatpants
  • Track pants
  • Compression tights
  • Beanies or hats
  • Running gloves
  • Running socks
winter workout ideas bring clothes to work and jog to home

Bring your workout clothes to work and jog your way home.


6. Swim in a Warm Pool

Do you have access to some indoor pool? Then go for a swim.

The warm water can help in regulating your body temperature.

Moreover, it even turns out that winter swimming improves your general well-being!

Benefits of Swimming

  • Keeps your heart rate up
  • Relieves you from stress
  • Strengthens your cardiovascular health
  • Keeps your lungs healthy
  • Builds up your muscle strength and endurance
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Tones your body
architecture chair glass hotel

A warm and cozy indoor pool can be your workout haven this winter.

7. Keep Yourself Safe

Be practical about your safety. If the weather is just too chilly, then avoid hitting the great outdoors.

You wouldn’t want to get frostbitten or suffer from hypothermia.

Winter Workout Safety Tips

  • Drink plenty of water or sports drinks.
  • Keep a balanced diet. (See what you should be eating here.)
  • Dress in layers.
  • Protect your head and ears.
  • Wear thick gloves and socks.
  • Put on sunscreen if you exercise outdoors.
winter exercise ideas safety gear

Want to brave your way through the snow? Then keep yourself geared up.

8. Bring Your Fitness Routine Indoors

Speaking of keeping yourself safe and staying indoors, here are the best exercises to keep yourself busy at home.

Most of these are just bodyweight exercises. So you can’t make up the excuse that you don’t have any exercise equipment at home. You just have to use your own bodyweight.

Best Indoor Exercises

  • Burpees
  • High knees
  • Climbers
  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Tap backs
winter workout ideas bodyweight exercises

Some of the best winter indoor exercises require only the use of your body weight.

9. Set Your Alarm Right

Alright, your plan to workout despite the cold weather is now spot on. But, you still can’t seem to wake up early!

Well, you have to set your alarm right. Stay faithful to your internal body clock, as well. Go to bed early so you can wake up earlier.

Then, go, jump out of your bed when the clock starts to ring!

winter exercise ideas set your alarm

Set your alarm and obey it. Get up!

Try These Winter Exercise Ideas for Yourself

At last! You now have a fighting chance against your lazy bones. Just follow the winter workout tips above, and you’ll soon be wearing those tank tops with much more confidence.

Now get up and get yourself running!

practical winter workout tips



Planning to build up your muscles? Then follow this  4-week mass building workout plan and get yourself in shape in just 28 days!

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