Hippie Clothes for Men: 7 Perfect Pairs You Need to Own

Being hip and trendy knows no limits. And I can sense that even in you. No matter what age and place you are in, being fashionable will always be in your core.

If there’s one thing I know about hippie clothes for men, that is they’re now becoming really trendy.

Don’t wanna miss out on the hype?

Then be sure to read on.

Here are 7 pairs of hippie clothing you definitely need to buy:

hippie clothes for men featured photo

1. The "basic" pair

You can't be somebody without donning a pair of awesome basic pieces.

Plain Scoop T-shirt

A plain shirt never gets old. You can wear it wherever, whenever, and with virtually anything! 

hippie clothes for men scoop

The scooped hem detail on this shirt just naturally adds to its perfection.


Impact Zip Joggers

You can pair a basic plain shirt with outrageous bottoms, but I decided to stick to this one here. It’s the Impact Zip Joggers!

Notice how simple this piece is. Take this so you won't go overkill.

hippie clothes for men zip joggers

The drawstring waist makes this pair really comfy! (And sometimes, it’s all about simplicity.)


2. This pair is sure to have those girls line up in front of you

I don't know about you but plain shirts just make a man really handsome.

When paired with the right bottoms, plain shirts could totally get you somewhere.

Just take a good look at this long-sleeved minimalism-inspired shirt. 

Long Sleeve Side Zip Shirt

The minimalistic side zipper detail adds to the mystery of this piece.

hippie clothes for men side zip

I want this in all colors, please!


Blood Moon Joggers

The slashed side details of this pair give me an edgy, action movie vibe.

Needless to say, this one naturally complements the side zip shirt above.

hippie clothes for men blood moon

Trendy and really hip! The red accent does the trick!


3. A printed shirt won't hurt a bit. 

Have you reserved some love for printed shirts?

Here’s a tip. Just pair a patterned shirt with plain cargo jogger pants, and you're good to go.

Sababa Shirt

Sababa is quite perfect for the warmer summer months. It could be worn on the beach or on the streets.

hippie clothes for men sababa

See that fun pattern? Women could pull off wearing one, too.


Haru Joggers

I like that this pair is really functional, trendy, and comfortable.

Look at how these Haru joggers awaken your inner dreamy boy!

hippie clothes for men haru

You can pair it with anything, actually.


4. Show that full-bodied Brute Impact spirit!

What better way to show your trendy style than wearing the Brute Impact signature colors?

If you’re so proud of us, here’s how you can bear witness to it.

Brute Impact Button-Down Shirt

Simple and all black except for that Brute Impact branding — this button-down shirt is just quite perfect for everybody.

Especially for you — if you want to show off your rich fashion taste!

hippie clothes for men brute

Minimalistic yet suave. Get this if you’re biased for us.


Destiny Joggers

Always a fan of Asian characters?

Then show off that Asian spirit with this pair of destiny joggers!

Notice how its black base and few red accents work so well with the Brute Impact top above.

hippie clothes for men destiny

The Oriental detail on this jogger pants is truly eye-catching. Get it now if you’re a proud Asian.


5. White always goes with anything! 

This duo is perfect for those who want to show off their Asian ethnicity. 

Ghost Tshirt

Wanna look the part of a gorgeous ‘ghost’?

Then look clean and fresh with this white “Ghost” statement piece. 

hippie clothes for men ghost

Light and versatile — that’s what white is. Which is probably how ghosts are.


Snake Jogger Pants

Pair your Ghost shirt with this awesome Snake jogger pants, and you’ll have a more “put-together” get-up.

hippie clothes for men snake

I’m a sucker for details, and I highly recommend this one for you.


6. Flowers rule! 

Whoever said that men can’t wear flowers on their sleeves doesn’t have a sense of fashion whatsoever.

Just take a good look at this sixth pair.

Flower Printed Hoodie

This gorgeous mustard hoodie is perfect for the boy-next-door. 

Notice that intricate design and pattern?

hippie clothes for men floral

It’s so beautiful that girls can actually wear it, too! 


Primo Combat Joggers

Neutralize the details of the Flower printed hoodie above, and you will shine even more.

You can do that with this utilitarian combat joggers.

Enjoy using the side pockets!

hippie clothes for men primo

These hippie clothes for men are really quite cool. It’s hard to choose just one.


7. Black, red, and white will never disappoint. 

Trust me!

Just see how the Royal Tsuru Shirt and Streamline Joggers match each other.

Royal Tsuru Shirt

Notice the pattern of this night-themed top.

The details are fantastically perfect! 

hippie clothes for men royal tsuru

It’s available in other colors, too. 


Streamline Joggers

Easy to wear and light on the eyes, this pair will definitely take you places.

If you need something to balance your top colors, better check these Streamline joggers out.

hippie clothes for men streamline

Like the Royal Tsuru shirt, these Streamline joggers are available in other colorways too!


These modern hippie clothing for men are just too gorgeous, every man should cop them!

What can I say? All these pieces are absolutely top-of-mind when it comes to hippie fashion.

Timeless, trendy, and fashionable — that’s what these clothes are, and that’s what a modern man should be.

hippie clothes for men closing



Did you find the pair that suits you? Most pieces listed are actually unisex (so scroll up and click on the item you like the most!)

But if you really are searching for some hippie clothing for your girlfriend too, then you should check  these out! Clue: these are all  hippie clothing pieces to wear as a couple!

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