Graffiti Series: Everything You Need To Know About This Latest Fashion Fad

Urban streetwear has become one crazy niche in the fashion industry today. And there are a lot of branches under this umbrella. The graffiti series is one — and street-stylists can’t seem to get over it.

For quite some time now, our graffiti clothing collection has been in the circuit. I’ll tell you what — people of all ages are actually sporting it!

Think you might want to join in the craze?

Here are some important things you need to know about the newest addition to urban streetwear. 

graffiti series intro

Graffiti clothing is worn to represent the love of hip hop.

Anywhere you are, hip hop music is a hugely influential thing. And so is hip hop clothing.

Graffiti is an element of hip hop

You’ve likely seen it on many hip hop music videos, streets, walls, and pavements. All these are decked with stunning graffiti art.

graffiti series hiphop

Hip hop is a culture where any graffiti series collection naturally fits in.


Graffiti clothing is an art form

Just like the paintings found on streets and walls, graffiti clothing is quite a wild form of art.

Graffiti streetwear is perfect for your crew

If you have a gang or a crew, expressing yourselves will be a piece of cake with graffiti clothing.

graffiti series art

Graffiti streetwear is an art form, too.


Street artists could really use graffiti streetwear

Streetwear fashion has been around for a long time now, and it has been evolving a lot — influencing many things including art.

Street artists are the influencers of graffiti clothing

Yes, street artists must dress to impress. Guess what? Graffiti clothing has been there to complete and even boost their look.

graffiti series wall

Vivid, bright, and detailed. That’s what it’s about.


Apparently, streetwear originated in LA, California

And, the surfing community was at the beginning of their growth. You probably wouldn't believe surfers were associated with streetwear, right? But, they are!

Streetwear should be comfortable

That was the premise. And I guess, streetwear clothing was able to up the game, even now!

Come to think about it. Sneakers, jogger pants, caps, and cotton graffiti shirts are all comfortable to wear, right?

graffiti series la

Streetwear is supposed to be both fun and comfy, just like California.


Streetwear is one of the biggest branches in the apparel business

And that includes graffiti clothing.

Rappers, street artists, singers, and hipsters have all been sporting streetwear

Quite obviously, they have remained faithful to the culture.

graffiti series three

A vast majority is now part of this culture.


Streetwear is a revolution 

People who wear graffiti clothing may be seen as rebels in the past, but now is not the time for discrimination.

It's a lucrative business too!

A lot of stores have been established by selling different kinds of streetwear. We here at Brute Impact are just one of them.

Although we’re quite sure that we’re totally different from everyone else — we have a unique Ambassadorship program that makes you the ultimate hero. (You could earn commissions, too!) Sign up to become a fashion ambassador here.

graffiti series rappers

Graffiti streetwear is just so hippie, I can't explain more! *drops mic* 


Graffiti clothing is for both ladies and gents, by the way. So go and cop some dope stuff now.

graffiti series conclusion



Self-love, my friend! Don't get stressed out. Instead, dress to impress with our Graffiti Series collection!

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