Graffiti Fashion: 3 Perfectly Matching Top and Bottom Pairs For You

Graffiti fashion has become so revolutionary — you can’t just miss it out.

And yet, it always pays to stand out from among a growing crowd. So why don’t you try to put two graffiti streetwear together?

Want to really stand tall?

Be the king of the streets instantly with graffiti tops and bottoms that look so good when paired.

Here are 3 of the best pairs out there! 

graffiti fashion featured photo
Streetwear fashion has no rules, apparently. This means you can mix and match printed pieces together!


1. Something lowkey for the top, but something loud for the bottom

Pairing this comfy long-sleeved piece with an outrageous graffiti bottom is like eating food for the ‘gods.’ Too delicious!

Rabble-Rouser Sweatshirt

Product Details:

  • Designed for breathability, warmth, and comfort. 
  • High-quality fabric: Pima Cotton(90%)and Polyester (10%)
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Print design
  • Simple street style

graffiti fashion rubble rouser
This piece reminds me of Basquiat artwork. Perfectly disheveled. 


Graffiti Swim Shorts

Product Details:

  • Designed for Men
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Swim Short
  • Care: Machine Wash; Cold Settings

graffiti fashion graffiti 
Now, this is wicked cool!


2. Black and white always win at the end of the day

(And this is exactly why we're including some stunning black and white items in our Ultimate Dream Pack Giveaway!)


Now the following pair might be both printed, but the major color for each piece is either black or white.

Now let me tell you what. That's just really cool!

These neutral ‘colors’ work pretty well in offsetting the outrageous prints.


Totally Irresponsible T-shirt

Product Details:

  • High-quality fabric: Egyptian cotton (100%)
  • Clothing details: Cartoon alphabet doodle printing, round neck hedging
  • Broadcloth
  • Short sleeves

graffiti fashion totally irresponsible 
Really comfortable and stylishly simple! 


Kackensie Harem Pants

Product Details:

  • Designed for style and comfort
  • Cool graffiti prints
  • Premium polyester
  • Trousers drawstring elastic detail

graffiti fashion kackensie 
I want both, please. Thanks!


3. This duo screams sexy!

Perfect for the Californian weather, this pair exudes a beach-chic flavor.

And if worn with the right shoes, it could take any man from the beach down to the streets.

Scribbling Shirt

Product Details:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Turn-Down Collar
  • Machine Washable

graffiti fashion scriblling 
This graffiti shirt could be unisex too. (It's actually one of our favorite graffiti shirts!)


Urban Retro Pants

Product Details:

  • Light-blue wash
  • Regular rise
  • Button fly
  • Functional pockets
  • Distressed detail
  • Tapered fit
graffiti fashion urban retrto

Ripped jeans are sexy. Period. 


Which pair would you cop? 

Because if I were to choose, I'd choose them all! 

graffiti fashion closing pic



Did you have the chance to cop one of the pairs above? Look at all the other spectacular Graffiti fashion pieces here!


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