Graffiti Clothing: 7 Tips to Make You the Ultimate Street Icon

Men's graffiti clothing options are slowly taking on the streetwear market, and people are also getting on the hype.

Take your outfit ideas on to the streets, and see how you could be an ultimate street icon while wearing awesome graffiti clothing.

Read on to get to know some tips!

Be the star of the streets by wearing casual graffiti clothing like a boss

graffiti clothing featured


1. Treat streetwear as a luxury item

The origins of streetwear may be vague. But nowadays, luxury streetwear is becoming a trend. 

Your streetwear are like your babies; take care of them

Luxury streetwear is not cheap, so it's best that you take care of and protect them at all costs. 

graffiti clothing luxury

What you take good care of always goes a long way.


2. Don't be afraid to experiment

Streetwear is a lot of things, and its style has a lot of scope. Here’s a piece of advice. Don't be afraid to combine comic t-shirts with printed pants!

Print on print is not a sin!

Streetwear is ever-evolving, don't be afraid to push it to the limits. 

graffiti clothing print
Those pants are a killer!


3. Choose comfort over style

….but if a piece of pants could bring you both, then why not? 

It's fun to wear cool and attention-catching clothes, but make sure you are comfortable wearing it.

What's the use of being uncomfortable, right? 

graffiti clothing comfort

Wearing pants should be a comfortable experience.


4. Choose a clothing piece that could both protect you and give you style

A good yet stylish hoodie could be the answer.

You see...

Multi-purpose clothes are the best! 

Be a streetwear icon by wearing clothing pieces that can do a thing or two. 

graffiti clothing multipurpose

Hoodies are perfect for a day adventure 'til night. Yeah, that’s not graffiti-styled. But you still get the point, right?


5. The more eye-catching the clothing is, the better

Graffiti streetwear is all about being out there and doing your thing.

Always be flashy, because streetwear has no rules. 

Do your thing, because it's freestyle, baby.

graffiti clothing flashy

This rugged piece is a scene-stealer!


6. Be confident

Wearing streetwear should require some confidence. You got to show that steeze, man. 

Confidence is always key

If you have it, flaunt it! 

graffiti clothing confidence

Feisty! Take it this way.


7. The bolder, the better 

What is streetwear if you can't flaunt it, right?

Streetwear is a revolution

Graffiti clothing will certainly make you an ultimate street icon.

graffiti clothing bold

Bright and bold.


Are you up for the streetwear revolution? 

Comic t-shirts, hip hop shirts, graffiti clothing, and a lot more are changing the game. 

graffiti clothing girl

Streetwear power! 



Looking for graffiti clothing options that could up your streetwear game? Check some excellent items here!

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