10 Hippie Chic Clothing Pairs that Make You More Popular

Wanna break the ice through your clothes?

Then why don't you try on some modern hippie clothing for an added spice to your day?

Here at Brute Impact, we believe that clothing is powerful, and so are you.

If you wish to:

    • turn heads over to your side,
    • strike up a conversation, or
    • get the guy in no time,

Then you’ve got no better option than to wear one of our hippie clothing pairs right down below.


Here are 10 chic hippie pairs that will unmistakably gain you undivided attention

hippie chic clothing cover
Roam the streets and beat all the odds with Brute Impact’s top modern hippie clothing picks.


1. Our Breathtaking Duo 

Capture anybody's attention with Brute Impact’s breathtaking duo. It includes:

Now take a quick look at this pair.

Notice that pop of color from Adelias?

I’m sure it will make your whole aura a fiery go-getter. 

Ethereal Crop Top

Want a chic top with such an alluring style?

These crop top’s stylish details on the waist and the neckline are just too cute to resist!

hippie chic clothing ethereal

Wear our Ethereal Crop Top, and you’ll surely look chic and sassy! 


Adelias Jogger

When it comes to choosing a match for a black top, would there be anything better than neon?

We bet not.

You see, in terms of street fashion, neon will never get phased out.

hippie chic clothing adelias

Here’s the Adelias jogger. You can match it perfectly with our black Etherial crop top. Now do it ASAP — because we absolutely love how you can dress up or dress down this pair!


2. This Baggy Pair

Prefer having a light afternoon chill?

Try being a little chill with this baggy but stunningly chic pair of ours.

Perfect for lounging around or when you are doing some TikToks!

Here’s what’s included:

Serpent Wyvern Shirt

Think you have a wily side?

If so, then you gotta love this outrageous pop of color. 

hippie chic clothing serpent

This is our proud Serpent Wyvern shirt. It’s also available in white and black. 


Skylar Cargo Joggers

We’re talking about baggy, right?

That’s why we wanna go all-out with our Skylar Cargo Joggers! It’s gonna be perfect for our Serpent Wyvern top.

Personally, I just love that you can dress this baggy pair up or down according to your taste.

You can even wear heels with these cargo pants, and then you’ll be an instant number one stunner. 

hippie chic clothing skylar

It’s the Skylar Cargo Jeans by Brute Impact. It’s also available in white and purple.


3. This Skirt Ensemble

Who says you can’t look like a hippie by wearing a skirt?

Brute Impact dares to defy that notion with this exclusive skirt ensemble.

Wear our:

...and you can be the hip and modern lady they all adore!

Giada Crop Top

Now take a good look at this stylish crop top.

The black detail right there will surely make you feel like a boss. 

hippie chic clothing giada

See this Giada crop top? It’s absolutely comfortable. 


Valia Pleated Skirt

If you ever wanted a Japanese or ‘otaku’ vibe, all you need is Brute Impact’s cutie Valia.

Look ‘kawaii’ with this pleated school-girl skirt!

Oh, you’re not in school anymore? Nah — it doesn’t really matter.

hippie chic clothing valia

Valia is also available in gray. But, we’d recommend this black variant to match Giada’s black detail.

So, girl…

Wear Giada and Valia together, and you’ll experience an adorable school-girl vibe. Instantly!


4. The Badass Pair

If you’re a badass chick, then let me invite you to play freely with Brute Impact’s best badass pair.

Just add the following to your cart:

This combo makes you embrace that fierce, uncompromising aura.

Octoplay Tshirt

Take a quick look at this shirt.

I bet you’ve also noticed something stunning.

That print right there is especially unique and particularly eye-catching!

hippie chic  clothing octoplay

Guess what? This Octoplay shirt is also available in white and black. 


Iconic Joggers

And now with the pants.

Is there anything better than our best-selling Iconic joggers?

As a pair to our Octoplay shirt — ah, there’s just none.

To be fair, these Iconic jogger pants are absolutely versatile.

You can wear them with almost anything! 

hippie chic clothing iconic

Our Iconic Joggers are also available in black.  

Wanna look intimidating?

Then play with a graphic shirt and a hardcore pair of pants.

And that’s just our badass pair right there.

5. The BlackPink-Style Duo

Now I hear you singing, "Let's kill this love!"

Well, well, well. If you consider yourself a Blink, then you got to pick this Brute Impact chic BlankPink-style duo.

It includes:

Moddish Crop Top

There’s a lot to love (and not kill) about Moddish.

But, I do have a few favorites.

I particularly love the off-the-shoulder cut and the strap and zipper detail.

To me, that’s a totally utilitarian chic. 

hippie chic clothing moddish

This Moddish top is absolutely perfect for any Blink.


Bellatrix Skirt 

Okay, we know how the four BlackPink members exude a strong but charming personality.

If that describes you, too, then you’ve got the perfect Blink skirt right over here.

It’s none other than our Bellatrix Skirt.

Wear it, and you’ll be that one-of-a-kind, dominating, and sexy head-turner!

(This skirt even has some Tomb Raider vibes.)

hippie chic clothing bellatrix

It’s the perfect chic hippie skirt for the BlackPink lover. Make sure to get this Bellatrix skirt for yourself.

Now go ahead and channel your inner BlackPink member with both our Moddish and Bellatrix hippies.


6. This Camo Stunner

I don’t know about you, but there’s always a hippie vibe about camo joggers.

So if I were to choose a pair of hippie chic clothing for myself, it would be this camo stunner. No questions.

If you also want this duo for yourself, then here’s what it includes:

Whizzing Chain Crop Shirt

Wanna go all-in, army style?

Then you got to choose this Whizzing crop shirt.

Take a quick look at it, and you’ll sense a total hippie-chic vibe with this printed top.

hippie chic clothing whizzing

It’s Brute Impact’s Whizzing chain crop shirt. That chain detail right there is particularly stunning.


Sofia Combat Joggers

What’s a camo duo without camo joggers?

If you really wanna pull the chic army look, then you got to pair the Whizzing shirt with our Sofia Combat Joggers.


Camouflage pants are just the absolute shizz!

hippie chic clothing sofia

Sofia is also available in black, army green, and khaki.

Well, pretty lady.

Don’t you love how the chain details of the Whizzing shirt and these Sofia pants work well together?

If so, what are you waiting for?

Be camo chic with this solid duo. Now.


7. The Hippie Date Outfit

It’s your date-night outfit even if you don't have a date. 

Yeah, I mean it.


Date yourself because... #selflove, girl. 

Anyway, all you need are these two pieces:

MissGuided Crop Top


LOL. Of course, there’s a pun in the name.

And we don’t mean to mock you or what. I — even I — am hoping that you’re not misguided about dating anymore.

That’s why we value self-love.

And in that case, our MissGuided Crop Top will surely help you pull it off.

hippie chic clothing missguided

It’s the MissGuided Crop Top. The mesh detail on the waist is utterly gorgeous and will show off your body. 

See how that looked?

This “MissGuided” top is really sexy. It will surely get those guys thirsting for you. In no time!


Azure Holler Joggers

And for the pants? Well...

You can go all-out for a date with our Azure Holler Joggers.

It hugs just the right contours of your legs and shows some skin in all the right places. 

hippie chic clothing azure

Get these Azure Holler Joggers with our MissGuided Crop Top. This duo is perfect to wear with heeled booties.


8. For the Vampire’s Sidekick

Looking for something unique?

Then be like the vampire's sidekick with this stunning pair:

I know someone who’s always dreamed of being in a vampire movie.

And I bet this duo should be a great outfit for her!

Think you can pull it off, too?

Hollaback Crop Top

Look at how gorgeous this Hollaback Top is!

This hippie and chic blouse screams "sexy" at any angle. 

hippie chic clothing hollaback

It’s the Hollaback Crop Top by Brute Impact. Perfect for nights of endless adventure.

Aliyah High Waisted Cargo Pants

I love high waisted hippie pants because they are so flattering

How about you?

Should you just let go of this Aliyah stunner?

I bet you won’t.

hippie chic clothing aliyah

Here is the gorgeous Aliyah Cargo Pants. It’s also available in khaki and army green. 

9. This Attention Grabber

It’s our second-to-the-last pair on this list. And at this point, let me just make a rather bold claim.

All the attention you want will definitely be yours with this chic, attention-grabbing duo.

Here they go:

Look at them — just stunning sexy siren feels!

Covet Your Love Crop Top

It’s black. It’s skin-tight, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

That’s our ‘Covet Your Love’ crop top for you!

Exude some confidence and have everyone's attention with this sexy top.

hippie chic clothing covet

It’s the Cover Your Love Crop Top by Brute Impact. This black and sexy hippie is just too perfect!

Katarina Joggers

What’s more attention-grabbing than our very own Katarina Joggers?

I'm telling you, these jogger pants are glamorous with heels!

hippie chic clothing katarina

Katarina is also available in khaki.


10. This Artsy Duo

With this simple but sexy pair, you can be the laidback artsy girl.

Of course, we understand.

You don’t want to be the center of attention all the damn time.

So, if you’re feeling a little laid back and would want to do away with extreme sexiness for a while, then you must try this ensemble:

Pendragon Crop Top

Neon. And a dragon print.

Isn’t that a perfect combination of simple and sexy?

The dragon detail is the takeaway — and of course, the color! 

hippie chic clothing pendragon

This Pendragon Crop Top shows just the right amount of skin.

Twiggy Pants

Want the best pair for anything neon?

It’s gotta be black.

And these Twiggy Pants look just like the perfect match.

These high-waisted skinny jeans are too gorgeous — we should all be hoarding it! 

hippie chic clothing twiggy

You can wear these Twiggy pants with boots or your favorite sneakers. 

These modern hippie clothing pairs can definitely be mixed and matched!

We’ve just shown you Brute Impact’s top-of-the-line gorgeous hippie duos for ladies.

Of course, you can create your own capsule wardrobe of hippie dress and accessories.

Just pick your favorite pieces, and embrace your innate creativity.


hippie chic clothing closing



Pick your own hippie chic clothing pair now! If you’re looking for more, here are additional styles that can surely fit your taste!

Wanna win one of your favorite hippie chic clothing pairs? Then click here to join our Ultimate Dream Pack Giveaway!

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