Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Proud of His Vegan Fashion

Ever watched the “Joker” and cheered for Joaquin Phoenix as he bagged the “Best Actor” award at the Golden Globes? Then you probably found his acceptance speech rather controversial.

But not if you knew about his extra vegan lifestyle.

If you’re curious about the celebrated actor’s strong sense of vegan fashion and dietary choice, then read on to dig out why.


1. The Joker Is Afraid of No One

Literally. The movie Joker stood up for himself and was afraid of no one. Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand, took the opportunity to send a call to veganism in his acceptance speech at the 2020 Golden Globes.

The following YouTube video shows it.


The event served a plant-based menu — something that was almost a last-minute decision.

He’ll Tell the Whole Globe About It

Upon accepting his “Best Actor” award for the “Joker” movie, Phoenix took to stage his appreciation for the Globes’ acknowledgment of the “link between animal agriculture and climate change.”

Indeed, there’s no environmental impact more brute than that.

Apparently, Phoenix is never afraid to talk about his vegan lifestyle. And he wants to make it know globally, if he has to, and if he can.

vegan fashion with Joaquin Phoenix the Joker at Golden Globes
When the talk is about the vegan lifestyle, this Joker won’t play a single joke. [Image courtesy of livekindly.co.]


2. Phoenix Is Advocating for the Animals

Joaquin’s last name, “Phoenix,” seems to be a happy coincidence with what he’s advocating for.

Yes, he’s been championing animal rights for decades now. In fact, he’s been vegan since the age of three.

So now you wonder: Why?

Awakened by Empathy

Well, for one thing, Joaquin Phoenix once talked about how he and his siblings witnessed the violent and aggressive killing of fish just to end up on one’s table.

From then on, he vowed not to participate in causing barbaric pain to any other living creature.

joaquin phoenix end speciesism we are all animals vegan fashion
Phoenix calls out against speciesism as he advocates for a chicken and all fellow animals. [Image courtesy of PETA.org.]


3. Vegan Accessories Mean More Than Just That

Joaquin also works with people bearing the same principles as his. Even his partner Rooney Mara has established her own line of apparel named Hiraeth. Of course, it only features animal-friendly items.

It seems that the couple’s vegan living has permeated even into their fashion sense.

The ‘Joker’ Star Walks His Vegan Talk

Indeed, Joaquin and his fiance wear vegan accessories and vegan shoes, not just for the sake of clothing themselves.

They’d stand for their beliefs and show it even in how they dress.

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4. A Vegan Lifestyle Gives Birth to a Better Fashion Sense

Joaquin Phoenix is not the sole Hollywood actor who uses his platform to make a statement on veganism.

The gorgeous Leonardo de Caprio has also been a long-time vegan and animal rights advocate.

And despite the fact that veganism took a long and hard road just to hit mainstream popularity, even the fashion industry has now welcomed its astounding growth.

World-Class Fashion Brands Go Vegan

Payless and H&M now offer lines of fashion products that are cruelty-free. Stella McCartney is another big name that has vegan-friendly clothing. Meanwhile, Old Navy has affordable vegan shoes, purses, and belts.

Of course, there are many relatively new, 100% vegan fashion brands that have risen to cater to the rise of veganism. These include In the Soulshine, Wuxly, and Beyond Skin. You’d notice that these brands have become pretty creative in crafting clothing and shoes using plant-based alternatives to leather and other animal products.

I guess adopting the vegan lifestyle promotes more creativity.


5. It’s All About Sustainability

If you’ve never come to terms with what it means to be a vegan and how the lifestyle positively impacts the planet, then I’d like to invite you to watch Cowspiracy and What the Health.

Also, watch Dominion — a full-length documentary that features both Joaquin Phoenix himself and Rooney Mara as narrators. And don’t miss Earthlings — also narrated by Phoenix.

Soon, you’ll realize that the wholistic vegan lifestyle is all about sustainability. And that we, humans, are the most responsible for destroying our planet — if we choose not to change.


Shouldn’t You Also Stand for Your Beliefs?

If you wish to have a life of lasting impact, I believe you should stand up for your own beliefs, as well.

Take a clue from Joaquin Phoenix.

His vegan fashion is something he’s genuinely and deeply proud of.

joaquin phoenix befair vegan shoes vegan fashion brands vegan accessories 
[Image courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals]



P.S.: We at Brute Impact may not have fully moved into the bandwagon yet, but we do have vegan-friendly products.

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