First Date? Here Are 7 Tips That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

It's February! Love is once again in the air, and lovebirds will soon be flocking in parks for sure. Excited for your very own first date? Well, you could rather be trembling if you have no idea what to do.

Luckily for you, I've compiled the very best tips on how you can make the most out of your first dating experience.

Check out the following list of things to do on a first date and find your inspiration!

I'm pretty sure the fifth one will make you fall in love.

So, here it goes.

7 First Date Tips That Will Make You and Your Partner Fall in Love

first date 7 tips to make you fall in love again


1. First, Do Your Homework

Now, what on earth do we exactly mean by that? Simple. Stalk!

Wait, what? Am I actually telling you to be a stalker?

Well, yes, but the good kind. You see, you can just call it "research." And an innocent one at that!

That is, you are going to search for what your potential date likes. Check out their social media posts. Get a hint of what they're like by examining what they're sharing. And what they're not sharing as well.

Yep, sometimes, people reveal more about themselves by the kind of things they don't talk about.

So go ahead and stalk — I mean, research. 

first date tips do your researchA little ‘polite’ stalking won’t hurt.


2. Be Polite and Gentle

Ladies love gentlemen, and gents love nice ladies, too. Well, generally.

So, if you want your date to be successful, then be sure to show respect and politeness. Maintain eye contact.

And of course, talk smoothly. Just don't, ever, hog the entire conversation. When it's time for the other person to speak, let them. Listen intently. Listening carefully will bring you a long way, I could swear.

At the end of the night, you can get the other person a ride. That is if you'd follow this piece of advice.

first date tips - be polite and respectfulMaintaining that eye contact truly does magic.


3. Pay Your Share but Don't Break the Bank

Oh yes — we often argue if date nights should be handled by ladies or gents. Gents usually take charge of the bill; after all, that's a necessary part of being a gentleman, right? No.

I mean, of course, it's manly. But did you know that today's empowered women often prefer to pay up for their share of the meal?

I know. That could sound a little bothersome for guys. Still, try to give your woman the chance to take control, dude. It can be a rewarding experience for both of you.

But whatever happens — whether you're the one paying or her -= you should never break the bank.

Let everything stay on your budget.

After all, a true partner will appreciate your conscientious effort in managing money efficiently!

Who knows it could be the very reason they'd fall for you?

cute first date ideas sharing the billSometimes, splitting the restaurant bill can be empowering for you both.


4. Leave the Crap Behind

Dude, we've all messed up around at some point in our lives. My advice? Leave all that crap behind. I mean, don't bring those nasty things with you on your very first date.

Of course, it's critical to be true to yourself while making connections with a potential partner for life. But you wouldn't want your future to be a crappy one as well, would you?

So look your best. Be at your best. This is about pleasing the other person and not just you fooling around.

I know I may have sounded a little harsh here, but it's about time.

Give your first date the very best version of yourself. You'll know you've done it right when the person at the other end of the line will finally believe in love.

first date tips loving yourself first makes it easierLoving yourself first makes it easier to draw someone into you.


5. Set Aside Your Phone

Still talking about leaving your crap behind in here. Yup, it includes your phone.

Think about it. How could you two indulge in a more in-depth conversation if you're not even being focused on your date?

So set aside that phone. Keep it in silent mode. Better yet, leave it inside your bag. And peak at it only after you're done for the night. Unless, of course, there's really an emergency.

Believe me, magic happens if only you'd keep your eyes on her. Or him.

first date tips keep your phone downGet on your phone and it will ruin the whole dating experience.


6. Don't Get Drunk

Nah — I'm not asking you to give up on wine. I'm simply telling you to stay sober. It's your first date, remember? If you want to keep your judgment intact, don't drink up! Or, sip only a little, maybe?

Well, the point here is for you to give the impression that you can be dependable. If you're looking to have a serious relationship in the future, you might as well want to take this part seriously.

So, again, refrain from getting intoxicated. Instead, allow yourself to be drunk with love.

(Hey, I haven't told you earlier this wouldn't be some "cute first date ideas" list. Love's a little more serious than that, my friend.)

first date tips - stay sober and be responsibleJust stay sober.


7. Look the Part of an Awesome Date

Are you someone whom your date can be proud of? Then show it off with the way you dress!

Your fashion statement can make or break the other person's impression of you. So why not take advantage of it and groom yourself?

You may not have realized it, but a well-dressed man or woman is a person who cares deeply about their self-image. And the person's way of dressing can say a lot whether that self-image is healthy or not.

And you would want to know if your date is healthy enough to form a potential long-term and healthy relationship with you. I'm pretty sure you'd also want the same for them!

So, go, be on your best get-up tonight! (Oh, will it be tonight already?)

things to do on your first date - look your bestYou’re gonna rock it, man.


Your First Date Is About Making a Great Impression

First impressions last, so goes that very famous saying. Well, that's absolutely right. First meetings, first dates, first sweet nothings, first experiences about anything and everything — all these have a significant impact on our relationships with people.

So if you want to make your first date a success, you'd want to make sure you've shown all the excellent points about yourself and not settle for the naughty ones!

Best of all, just be real. If you think you're not yet the ideal person who you'd want to be, just give your first date your all, anyway.

Imagine yourself being at your very best, and your actions will soon follow. I'd even bet you're going to make the person fall in love at first date!

Now enough of my talk. Get going already!

first date tips to make you fall in love again



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